Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Back! (and ready to ride)

 Okay, summer is finally here in Victoria, so I figured it was time to relaunch the Great Ride & Sign Fatal Tide Event. What? You don't remember that stroke of self-marketing genius? That fad that swept the nation?

Let me refresh your memory of how it all works:

1) If you live in the Victoria area, first you head out (run, don't walk!) and buy a copy of Fatal Tide: When the Race of a Lifetime Goes Wrong. (Not Fatal Tide, the million-seller by mystery author Iris Johanssen. She doesn't need any sales help.)

2) Drop me a line at or via Twitter @LeachWriter or even via the Comment link below.

3) I will set up a day & time to RIDE MY BIKE to your place and sign your book IN PERSON. (Spandex and sweat included.) 

Wow, what a deal! Your own autographed copy of Fatal Tide! How cool is that? You could look as happy as this guy or this guy or... wait, I think that's all I sold the first time around.

Plus, my name inked in your first edition will either (according to conventional wisdom about author-signed copies) instantly double its resale value or (according to this online reseller) instantly cut it in half! Who knows?!? 

But what, I hear you asking, if you're just too damn lazy to go to a bookstore or boot up your computer to order a copy online? still don't have to miss out on this great event! Drop me a line, set up a date, and I will stick a hardcover copy down my cycling shirt and pedal to you in person and sell it to you for a flat rate of 30 bucks -- that saves you a toonie plus tax over the list price, as well as the environmental cost of any and all shipping (exc. for minor mid-ride flatulence).

Don't delay! This is a limited offer for the month of August — and maybe a little longer, depending on the weather and while supplies last!  

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