Monday, February 2, 2009

Ride to the Reader Redux

It's been a crazy busy January, so it was a relief to have the excuse (and the sunny afternoon) two weekends ago to go for a bike ride. Richard Pickard, UVic prof and lit blogger, invited me to ride up to his home and bring a copy of Fatal Tide for him to buy (and me to sign). That makes him reader #2 to take up my long-standing offer to ride and sign copies of my tome. Woo-hoo!

Hopefully, Richard and his family aren't too traumatized by the sight of me in my full Spandex pseudo-Lance outfit. (Thanks, Richard!) I had a great ride afterwards and was in such good humour that I stopped by Oak Bay Bikes and picked up a new pair of bike shoes and clipless pedals on sale—which means the $2 I made selling a book vanished beneath the $200 I spent on carbon-fibre shoes. Moral of the story: Don't quit my day job! Either that or curb my velociphilia.

Still, the offer stands, especially as the warmer months approach: You wanna book? Drop me a line at and—if you're in Victoria or Oak Bay—I'll ride to your house and sign one for you for a mere 30 bucks.

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richard said...

A dandy photo, a dandy photo.

My brother-in-law, incidentally, picked up the book from my coffee-table while we were away. He later said, "I didn't mean to read the whole thing, because it's really not something I'd be interested in, but it was just so well done."