Friday, November 7, 2008

Big News in Banff!

For the past week, I had a secret that I had to keep lock-lipped about until the "embargo" passed last night at 8:30 pm (Mountain Time): Fatal Tide had been selected for a Special Jury Mention at the Banff Mountain Book Awards—the Oscars for us outdoor writers. To say I was excited would be a serious understatement. I'd been a judge at the awards a couple years back, and I knew the high quality of the submissions from English language writers around the world. Oh yeah, and my book had a dearth of mountains in it, too!

I got to share a stage with two legends of the outdoor writing community: Canadian Rocky Mountain troubadour Sid Marty (whose book The Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek walked off with two awards—it's next on my must-read list) and former Outside columnist Mark Jenkins (who won the Adventure Travel category for an anthology). You can check out the run-down of awards, including one of the judge's blush-inducing description of my book here.

I've got more celebrating to do tonight, so I'll fill in the gaps of the past few days later. Thanks to the fine folks at the Banff Centre and the Mountain Culture Program for making a memory I won't soon forget.


richard said...

David, this is terrific news!! Congratulations!

But does this mean you're too big a shot to cycle copies of your book around town now?)

David L. said...


Hah! No, if I have any more "success" I won't be able to afford the spare inner tubes to continue by bike-distribution scheme!

My special mention came with no money (just glory), but I did get the "Banff bump": I sold six more books during three hours of signings... Considering I bought three new books while there (couldn't pass up a signed Sid Marty) and had a few too many celebratory pints, another award might bankrupt me!

richard said...

Three words: professional development funds. I've resisted paying for book club books that way, but every other book gets covered.