Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Da News

There's been a few more reviews and articles about Fatal Tide in the past couple of weeks, including Lindsey Norris's profile in The Torch, UVic's alumni magazine; a review on Peter Darbyshire's blog CanCult.ca; a wonderfully thoughtful review by author Angie Abdou, published in The Fernie Fix and reprinted on her blog; a detailed look at the book from an expert's angle at the paddling blog Kayak Yak; and another blush-inducing review by poet/novelist Linda Rogers in the Pacific Rim Review of Books (sadly, not online).

Thanks to all these writers for taking the time to read the book and share their thoughts with the world.

And now if someone would only drop a copy on Martin Levin's head and knock a review out of him and into the Globe & Mail....

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