Sunday, August 10, 2008

Review: The Adventure Blog

I was thrilled to get a long and appreciative review of Fatal Tide on The Adventure Blog, one of my favourite online stops, where I get my daily fix of updates about adventure news around the planet. Hopefully, that positive mention will get a little viral marketing buzz going south of the border among readers interested in adventure racing and outdoor topics.

As the book pages of major newspapers wither and die, blogs have stepped up as both a way for authors to update readers about their work and also to get reviews and other mentions of their books out into the world. Other blogs I check regularly include:
  • D.B. Scott's Canadian Magazines Blog, which keeps me and other magaholics in the loop about industry news and gossip
  • Book Addiction, whose mystery author (hi, Richard!) lists his recent book-buying sprees (guided by his taste in environmental literature) with handy mini-reviews and annotations
  • Leeward Press, home to Chad Fraser, a kayak enthusiast and fellow author out East
  • Green Tenant, a great idea for a blog by a buddy in Toronto: ecological resources for renters
  • And last but not least, Life with Two, the blog on written by my find out what I most recently did wrong, plus remind myself how cute our kids are when I'm travelling.

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