Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back From Baffin

I'm back from two weeks on Baffin Island (and my longest email quarantine since the dawn of the felt surprisingly refreshing!) and am now spending a week with family in Toronto.

Auyuittuq National Park was spectacular: a wild river valley surrounded by glaciers and moraines and a massive ice cap the size of PEI. I intend to blog more about our trekking trip through the pass and the fascinating people we met along the way, but for now (as I pay off my paternal karmic debt for two weeks away from diaper duty), I'll have to leave off instead with this photo of Summit Lake (taken by Photo Solution editor Xavier Bonacorsi) from a ridge near Tyr Peak, with our campsite far, far below. It was tough slogging some days, but I miss it already.

P.S., For anyone in Toronto, this Monday, I'll be reading from Fatal Tide at the Harbord House pub at 7:00 pm.


Chad Fraser said...

Shoot. Too bad I missed your T.O. event, David. Hope it went well. Had I known you were in town, I would have lobbied for an Ontario edition of "ride to the reader." Or perhaps I could have done a "TTC to the writer."

David L. said...

Hey Chad:

Sorry you missed it, too! Admittedly, it was thrown together pretty last minute, so I'd have an excuse for my publisher get me tipsy while I visited with friends and tried to leverage a little coverage from the jaded Hogtown media. (Actually Kevin @ CBC's "Here & Now" was cool enough to interview me.) Next time...