Friday, February 8, 2008

It is Finished!

I had a beer last night and a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate signing off on the final final final final page proofs of my new / first book—i.e., the point of no return—catching a few minor formatting errors and resisting the urge for any minute-before-midnight tinkering (always a bad idea). The electronic file is off to the printer some time next week... although I still haven't seen the last version of the dustjacket text.

It's a good feeling, although it still all won't seem really real until I have the physical object in my sweaty palms. Bruce Kirkby, the author/adventurer/TV host, wrote a blurb of advance praise for me and had some welcome words about basking in this pre-production moment:
And my only piece of advice, whatever fate holds for the life of this book you are about to birth, always remember how you feel about it - your work - right now. I really, really think that is what counts. Because PR nightmares and unattended signings and mean-spirited reviews can grind you down - which I suppose is fine, you ask for that as an author - but they should never grind down your pride in what you created.

My wife has already promised to pre-read any reviews when they come out to try to head off mood swings before they strike. I already know how much I already obsess over a single negative or even just ambivalent word on a teacher evaluation. Someone saying nasty things about my "baby" is going sting that much more...


richard said...

Congratulations, David - the booze was well deserved, and I look forward to reading it.

Unknown said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to read it. Don't worry about the reviews. I've had some that were so bad that they were almost funny. See, the easy thing with reviews is to deflect them back onto whoever wrote them. Your book will never be bad, it's just that sometimes the reviewers are too inept to understand the subtle nuances. Ha ha, I used the word "nuances" just to bug you. Did it work?

David L. said...

Thanks, Karen!

Actually, I do have a soft spot for "nuances"... I think it probably deserves to sit in the category for weak adjectives that I like to use too much. And to be honest: if a reviewer ever described my book as "nuanced", I'd secretly be pretty happy. But please don't let them say it's lambent"... that makes me picture a sheep with a hunchback!

(Sorry, my other Achilles heel is for bad puns...)